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The sound of one hand clapping
It'll break your mind
Title:Squadron Supreme
Warnings: Not Worksafe (Blood, violence, references to rape)
Why don't you try it again?Collapse )

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In a few words: FUCK YOU 2006!!!
Yeah that's my essential feelings on the subject. Sorry this didn't come sooner to the maybe one person who's reading this. I mean the last part of the year was cool. I got a Zelda wallet and Hannibal Rising, not to mention spent over 200 dollars on the entire series of Buffy. And on the extremely up side I have a girlfriend (more on this later). I am almost finished with my book. But as a whole, 2006 blew.
My dad got remarried, to a woman I didn't meet until AFTER the ceremony. I wasn't informed by him or her... but by my fucking brother. I mean come on. What the hell. And she's a bitch to me.
My bro showed up in CT looking like a goddamn drug dealer. My Aunt, who is a freshmen in High School is on every substance known to man. And then there's world stuff, which I don't even want to go into.
And now girls, who despite my best efforts I am yet to understand. See gentle readers, what you must understand, is that there are a total of maybe 5 people in the state of CT who have personalities that mesh enough for us to go out. None of them are guys. And they all have some sort of problem that prevents us. I list them now:
First girl: We went out, she's psychotic, controlling and emotionally abusive and I currently hate her.
Second girl: We went out for a bit, we're still friends but I wouldn't want to date her.
Third girl: Actually wanted to go out with me, but wanted to know me better. By the time she knew me well enough to date me, she knew me 'Too well to date me.' We are just too good friends to go out now. Plus she's got someone and I don't see that ending soon.
Fourth girl: Is nice and cute, but her size would make me feel like a child molester. Besides she's at bording school
Fifth girl: Is a lesbian.
See my problem. This has made me look country wide. And I found someone. I did. Lucky me. She's got similar interests, is good looking, is nice to me. So what's the catch? She lives in California. Okay I can deal with that.
Now I glance at her livejournal and find out, not only is she crushing on some guy over there but she also lists herself as alone, despite the fact that we have not broken up and her myspace essentially lists us as still together (she's 'in a relationship' and I'm first on her friends list).
And people still ask me why I try and stay as emotionless as possible. Sorry to sound so Emo. I'm normally not this depressed. And m'lady, I'm sorry to put the spotlight on you, I'll understand if you're mad. It's just... those last two entries hurt.

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Break yourself
Have you ever noticed that posting on wikipedia makes you type differently, or is it just me? Example: The other day I was editing Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's article, specifically the part about the argument about his sexuality (there is HEAVY suggestion that he's gay). I was posting a pro 'He's gay' argument, noting that he ignored two girls (Willow and Kennedy) making out and instead commented about Xander repairing the window. That was the point I was trying to make. Here is what I wrote.
"In the same episode he completely ignored [[Willow Rosenberg|Willow]] and [[Kennedy (Buffyverse}|Kennedy]] in a moment of intimacy, prefering to comment on Xander's work on the windows."
Does that happen to everyone? Or is it just me?

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Break yourself
So... I got this thing... why? Oh yeah my girlfriend wanted me to... no free will.
Anywho to those exceedingly few of you who will read this, I most likely will use this space as a 'rant-a-whateva' space. I'll most likely rant when I want to about what I want. Heavy political stuff, lotta swearing and many innapropriate jokes. Alright peace out.
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